What is “happy”?


Definition of happy:
hap·py ˈhapē/
1.feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

In a world where the word “busy” has become synonymous with success, it seems like everyone has forgotten what it is like to simply enjoy the moment.

I too have been guilty of looking past the small things in life and always focusing on what is next. Enter the 100 Happy Days movement. I was introduced to this concept by a friend and think that it is one of the most genius social media ideas as of late.

The process is simple and piggybacks on the variety of social media forums already used on a daily basis:
1. Take a picture of something that makes you happy
2. Post it to any social media outlet (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc)
3. Use the hashtag #100happydays
4. Repeat the process for 100 days

The idea is to make you focus on the small things in life on a daily basis. Really just have you stop and smell the roses; or photograph them in this case. I’m looking forward to see what the next 100 days will show me.

So my challenge to you is, can you take the time to capture what makes you happy? http://100happydays.com/



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